Intensive IELTS Program

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Take the Intensive IELTS Program for 3 consecutive months*, then take the official IELTS test within 1 month after your last Intensive IELTS class.

If you don’t increase your IELTS score by 1 point from your last test, PELA will refund you for your last test!
*NOTE: Requires 95% attendance over a 3-month period.


Benefits of the Intensive IELTS Program

  • Increase knowledge of academic topics common to the IELTS test.
  • Use logic to make quick and clear inferences.
  • Use grammar knowledge to find connected information in texts.
  • Find contrasting and supporting information in texts and lectures.
  • Master the 540 words on the Academic Word List.
  • Improve pronunciation and speed in speaking.
  • Create complex, college-level essays.

25 Class hours per week

  • 20 Hours of English Skill Building Classes
    • Vocabulary & Spelling
    • Speaking & Pronunciation
    • Listening & Reading
    • Graph Analysis, Prepositions & Verb Tenses
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Essay Writing
  • 5 Hours of IELTS Test Preparation Classes

Optional Weekly Activities

  • Conversation Groups (1-10 Hours)
  • Tutoring Center (1-6 Hours)

Intensive IELTS Program Schedule

Day of WeekEnglish Skill Building ClassesTest Strategy Classes
MondayVocabulary & Spelling
100 minutes
Speaking & Pronunciation
100 minutes
TuesdayListening & Reading
100 minutes
Logical Reasoning
100 minutes
IELTS Test Preparation
2 1/2 hours
WednesdayListening & Reading
100 minutes
Graph Analysis, Prepositions & Verb Tenses
100 minutes
ThursdayListening & Reading
100 minutes
Logical Reasoning
100 minutes
IELTS Test Preparation
2 1/2 hours
FridayListening & Reading
100 minutes
Essay Writing
100 minutes

Each Program session is 4-weeks in length.
The English Skill Building Classes are taught in the morning (9:00 AM – 12:50 PM) and the IELTS Test Strategy Classes are taught in the afternoon (2:00 PM – 4:30 PM).

O curso INTENSIVO DE INGLÊS realmente atende às minhas necessidades. Todos os professores adoram ensinar e eu aproveitei muito estar na PELA. Gramática é sempre um pesadelo, mas na PELA eu sentia que eu estava progredindo todos os dias!
Jipo, TaiwanJipo, Taiwan

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