Using the Preposition “With” to Describe

Adjectives describe nouns.

About this picture, we could say: The angry mother scolded her sullen daughter.

Adjective clauses do the same.

The mother, who looked angry, scolded her daughter, who looked sullen.

Adjectivals (in this case, the preposition with + noun phrase) do the same.

The woman with the angry face scolded a girl with a sullen expression.

Notice how both adjective clauses and adjectivals follow the noun they modify, while adjectives precede them.

Here is another example:

The boy with the tuxedo is holding a cauldron with a red strap. (The boy who is wearing a tuxedo is holding a cauldron which has a red strap.)

The green Hulk with the purple pants is wearing a muscle costume with built-in padding.

The girl with the lady bug outfit is standing next to a girl with a pirate hat and an eye patch.

Let’s look at a more formal example.

The team recommended that we choose the manufacturer with the lowest operating costs.

I suggest recruiting a lawyer with a firm grasp of intellectual property law.

The boss commended the proposal with the fastest turnaround time.

How might you complete each sentence by using with as an adjectival to describe the noun which precedes it? (The first example has been done for you.)

Most parents are interested in sending their children to the college _______________________________________________

(with the best completion rate, with the lowest tuition, with the best financial aid, with the highest reputation, with the best track record in finding its graduates jobs)

  1. I’m looking for an apartment _________________
  2. He prefers not to travel to places  __________________
  3. I enjoy movies ____________
  4. She prefers restaurants ______________
  5. The boss promotes workers ___________
  6. The President is seeking to improve diplomatic relations with countries ____________
  7. An essay ___________________ will receive a higher grade than one _____________
  8. Consumers prefer a product ____________ to one ____________