Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires

Smokey the Bear is a character from a public service announcement.

A public service announcement is a message from the government to try to make citizens safer.

Smokey’s purpose was to make people more aware of fire danger.

Fire danger is “SEVERE” – campfires, fireworks, and other fire is PROHIBITED!

In addition, most wooded areas have a sign like this by the roadside.

This sign alerts travelers and visitors to how dry the woods are.

The drier the woods, the higher the danger of fire.

When there is high fire danger, you should avoid creating any kind of open flame. This means no lighters, no matches, no campfires, and of course, no fireworks. Ignoring these warnings can be catastrophic.

For example, sadly, just recently in Oregon, fire danger was extremely high. A group of teenagers ignored these fire warnings and lit off fireworks in a national park. This was the result: The Eagle Creek Fire.

The fire has not yet been controlled. Residents have been evacuated. The air quality even miles away is bad due to ash and smoke. More than 30,000 acres have burned so far. The teenagers may go to jail and/or pay fines.

Be sure when you go camping or hiking to pay attention to the fire danger. If it is high, obey the guidelines suggested by the park service. Even if fire danger is low, be careful to put your campfires out completely and not to throw burning cigarette butts or matches into the woods.