Useful Words: Whatever, Whoever, Wherever, Whenever, However

People ask so many questions!whatever-whoever-wherever-whenever-however-adverb-English-grammar-ESL man cartoon comic retro vintage question mark suit person

If you have no strong feelings about the answer, you can reply with a single useful word:

  • Whatever
  • Wherever
  • Whenever
  • Whoever
  • Whichever

For example:

A: What should we bring to the potluck?  
B: Whatever.

A: Where should we go out to eat tonight? 
B:  Wherever. 

A: What time do you want to meet on Saturday?
B:  Whenever

A: Who do you want to interview for our school project?
B:  Whoever

A: Which room should we use for the meeting?
B:  Whichever

You can also use these words to begin adverb or noun clauses.

For example: I love the weekends because I can dress however I want. (adverb clause–> in what way)

whatever-whoever-wherever-whenever-however-adverb-English-grammar-ESL Las Vegas LV Nevada city casino sin city lights night

  • In Las Vegas, you see casinos wherever you go. (adverb clause –> in any place)
  • If you want to stay healthy, you can’t eat whatever you want. (noun clause–> any thing)
  • My parents didn’t care who I married. They said, marry whoever you want. (noun clause –> any person)

We can use this to begin a sentence emphatically:whatever-whoever-wherever-whenever-however-adverb-English-grammar-ESL pointing finger hand person

  • Whatever you do, don’t forget to study for the test!
  • Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive!
  • Whatever you do, don’t forget to buy your wife an anniversary gift!

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