Verbs that Pal Around: Like, Hope, Want, Need, and Hate

The verbs like, hope, want, need, and hate often come before a second verb.

When they do, they are followed by “to + [V1]” (Like & hate can also be followed by -ing
  • Kids like to go to the beach. (They like going to the beach.)
  • They hope to stay for hours.
  • When they are there, they want to dig in the sand and make sand castles.
  • They need to wear a hat and sunscreen so they don’t get burned.
  • They hate to leave. (They hate leaving.)

It is wrong to write or say: Kids like go to the beach.

You can make a negative sentence in two ways–by making the first verb negative or by making the infinitive (to + simple form) negative.

Kids don’t like to stop playing.  They don’t want to go home.

They hope not to leave early.  They want not to go before they finish their sandcastle.

  • Dogs like to play catch.
  • They hope to go to the park with their owners every day.
  • They want to chase balls or to catch frisbees.
  • They need to get a lot of exercise.
  • They hate to stop.

It is wrong to write or say: They hate stop.

Practice  (sample answers below)

In the summer time, many families like to have a picnic in the park. Tell me about this using these special verbs. Remember to follow each verb with to + simple form of the verb.

What do they like to bring? What do they like to eat? What do they like to drink?

(like) ____________________________________________________________

What do they hope to see in the park? What do they hope to do in the park? What do they hope not to do?

(hope) ___________________________________________________________

What do they need to pack for their picnic?

(need) ___________________________________________________________

What do they want to do together?

(want) ___________________________________________________________

What do they hate to do?

(hate) ___________________________________________________________

Possible answers:

  1. They like to bring music.
  2. They hope to see squirrels and chipmunks.  They hope to play volleyball and soccer.  They hope not to get wet.
  3. They need to pack sandwiches, drinks, and snacks.
  4. They want to play games, to talk, and to laugh.
  5. They hate to leave.