Talent: Where Does It Come From?

 When people have obvious talent, we wonder if they were born with it, or if it was the product of many hours of practice.

We call someone who is born with talent a natural. You probably wish you were a natural at speaking other languages. If you are, we say you have a gift, or that you are a gifted language-learner.

Others believe there is no such thing as being a natural. These people believe that talent is the result of disciplinethe product of many hours of practice and conscious dedication to your craft. These people argue that there are no shortcuts to hard work. Getting good at something is a slog–a day-after-day grind of practice makes perfect.

Sometimes winners don’t like to disclose (reveal / show) how much effort they put into becoming good at something. They’d rather you think they are just geniuses. There’s more status, they believe, in being naturally good at something. They think it is cooler to be talented without having had to sweat for it.

What do you think?

Here is a short video on this theme from YouTube. Listen for the words above: