Students of the Month: Takayuki and Ranem

Each month, PELA selects two outstanding Students of the Month!  These students have demonstrated their hard work and dedication to learning English, actively taken part in class, asked questions, and served as a role model to other students.  Help us congratulate this months recipients:  Takayuki and Ranem!

PELA:  How do you work to improve your English?  What study skills do you use?

Takayuki:   I want to improve, and every day get practice at English. I’ve met many American people, many American friends who speak well.
Also, I think my writing skill is very bad, and I want to know what parts are [my] weak points.  I asked [my] writing teachers about them.  The teacher told me my weak points.  [They are] very kind.
Ranem:   When we have class activities, such as with a group, and try to discuss with each other, this is improving my English.  And I can understand other people’s cultures.  I’ll try to participate in every activity.

Takayuki's advice for students: "Know your weak points!"

Takayuki’s advice for students: “Know your weak points!”

PELA:  Do you spend time with PELA students outside of your classes?
Ranem:  Yeah!  Not all my time… Because I am new at PELA – this is only my second term – it has taken me time to make friends.  But I’m trying to talk with the friends:  chatting… maybe we will plan to do a trip together.

Takayuki:  Even here [with my classmates], I went to many events with my friends – PELA students – and talked about many topics.

PELA:  What advice to you have for other new students that are coming to PELA?
Takayuki: Practice, practice!  Talk to many people.
Ranem:  They should be more self-confident.  Just talk!  And not be afraid of people who have another culture – another cultural belief – because… Well, I’m muslim, and people say it’s a bit difficult to contact with other people, but I’ve found that [people] are really kind and lovely!  And I love even the teachers.  They are so lovely and try to understand us.  I like the teaching techniques here.  I love some of the teachers here so much because they make me feel challenged!

PELA:  What advice do you have for students that struggle or have difficulties doing well in their studies?  
Takayuki:  Know your weak points.  That is important. It helps me improve my English.  Many students are afraid to ask about their weak points, so they don’t know.
Ranem:  My first advice:  They shouldn’t stay a long time with friends who speak their same native language.  Also, they should speak [English] wherever they go, even if they make mistakes.  That’s good, to make mistakes, because it makes them better.  Also, I like the tutoring in PELA, so if [other students] have any problem, they can go to for tutoring – [the tutors] are really helpful!

How does Ranem practice English? "I’ll try to participate in every activity!"

How does Ranem practice English?
“I’ll try to participate in every activity!”

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