August & September 2017

Summer was a BLAST at PELA!

Good-bye Summer, hello Fall! The leaves are changing and the weather is looking more like the Portland everyone knows and loves. We had some exciting events and celebrations this Summer, but we are looking forward to some fun Fall activities this year!

Looking Back...

PELA students spent the summer outdoors at festivals and street fairs, soaking up the sun and taking in what local artists have to offer. Students and teachers even started up a meet-up group for those interested in learning the games of "go" and "chess!" As always, summer was an eventful time at PELA. 

summer activities festival fair barbecue chess class school English Portland Oregon ESL

From left to right: students and teachers visit the Belmont street fair, students and alumni hang out during the PELA barbecue, teacher Fritz tutors a student in the complex game of chess.



PELA's Annual Barbecue

PELA’s most popular event of the year remains our most highly attended event! It was a great day for teachers, current and former students, friends, and family to enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, sports, and games. PELA’s barbeque brings students together for some fun in the sun every year!

What students are saying about PELA:

"A perfect English School to Learn English, located in a good and safe environment. It was the perfect experience for my life." 

- Jacques, Brazil 

The Great American Eclipse... at PELA!

It has been 99 years since the last total solar eclipse could be seen from the U.S. and our students were lucky to be here this year! With special solar eclipse glasses, we were able to watch the moon cover the sun and see the sky get dark in the middle of the day. Some classes made camera obscura to see how the sun's projected light changed from a circle to a crescent. In Portland, we had 92% totality! See more photos on our Facebook page!


Happy Birthday!

As always, we celebrated summer student birthdays! We even had some students surprise our teachers for their summer birthdays!

End of Term HAPPY HOUR!

Our end of term Happy Hour event has been growing every month! We encourage new students to attend this event so they can meet classmates before the term begins. It’s also a nice way to say good-bye to students who are leaving.

October 2017

The annual PELA BBQ is on Thursday, August 10th
PELA's Birthday Party September 28th
FRIGHTTOWN haunted house trip is on Thursday, October 19th
New Student Oriention on Friday, October 20th
Last day to pay for November term is on Friday, October 20th
End of term Happy Hour is on Friday, October 20th
PELA Halloween Party will be next term, on October 31st!


August 2017 Students of the Month are
Nancy from Taiwan and Hiro from Japan.

September 2017 Students of the Month are
Maria from Venezuela and Mohammed from Saudi Arabia.

Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive a GPA of 3.75 or higher for the term.

August 2017’s Honor Roll List:

Eduardo Lessa Ribeiro
Shoko Takahashi
Abdullah Alhai
Naeun Kim
Teiri Kino
Megumi Yoshinari
Asuka Kitagami
Eyad Shamlan
Tomoko Takamiyagi
Yu-Jou Chu
Gisele Gil Ornelas de Freitas
Koichi Toshima
Nana Otake
Camila Manrique Sierra
Nana Yamazato
Shu-Hui Lin
I-Jien Wang
Hamed Shamlan
Victorien Danet
Tomona Ochi
Aki Sakai
Tuyen Vo

September 2017’s Honor Roll List:

Nana Otake
Naeun Kim
Koichi Toshima
Isabel Granadino Sierra
Daniel Toledo Acras
Yonatan Gonzalez Munoz
Megumi Yoshinari
Amer Ahmadi
Camila Manrique Sierra
Margaux Jullien
Maria Flores Pons
Rosa Perez Vazquez
Tomoko Takamiyagi
Busarin Smithjit
Gisele Gil Ornelas de Freitas
Asuka Kitagami
Ji Eun Jung
Carolina Montaño Agudelo
Eduardo Lessa Ribeiro Viola
Tomona Ochi
Shu-Hui Lin
Davaadorj Avirmed