Students of the Month: Thaiza and Hiroshi

Each month, PELA selects two outstanding students who have demonstrated their hard work and dedication to learning English, actively taken part in class, asking questions, and being a role model to other students.  
Help us congratulate this months recipients:  Thaiza and Hiroshi!

PELA: Why are you studying English?
Hiroshi: My purpose… is to communicate with foreign people. And I want to understand English books, movies, and music.
Thaiza: I live in the U.S… I intend to work [here]. I need to speak English in my daily [life].

Thaiza's advice to students: Don't be shy!

Thaiza’s advice to students: Don’t be shy!

PELA: What is you favorite English class at PELA?
Thaiza: My favorite English class is Reading, because I like the teacher’s methodology and it helps me on my daily tasks. For example, to understand signs, order food in a restaurant, etc.
Hiroshi: Integrated Skills, [because] I want to talk to other students more!

PELA: What part of learning English is the most challenging for you?
Hiroshi: Making [friends with] native speakers.
Thaiza: To speak, because I am very shy and I think it is too complicated!

Hiroshi: I want to talk to other students more!

Hiroshi: I want to talk to other students more!

PELA: What do you do OUTSIDE of class to improve your English?
Thaiza: I always do my homework, and I try to read the news and text my friends in English.
Hiroshi: Every day, I try to watch movies with subtitles and read an American novel. And also, I write essay[s] in English.

PELA: What advice do you have for other students learning English?
Hiroshi: I don’t know… Talk to me a lot!
Thaiza: Don’t be shy, and ALWAYS ask your teacher if you don’t understand!