Students of the Month: Suelma and Mohammed

Every month, PELA teachers select two students who have demonstrated their dedication to learning English, actively taken part in class, asked questions, and served as a role model to other students.  Help us congratulate this month’s Students of the Month:  Suelma and Mohammed!

PELA:  How long have you been studying English?
Suelma: I have studying [at PELA] since 2 months ago.
Mohammed: I have been studying my English for one year.

PELA:  What are you favorite classes, and which are the most challenging for you?
Suelma: My favorite class is Integrated Skills, because that mixes all other classes…
Mohammed:  Yeah, it contains other skills like speaking and listening, reading, writing – the topics are fun and interesting.
Suelma: Also, I like Conversation Group. Learning English grammar is more challenging for me.
Mohammed:  The most challenging part of learning English for me is grammar, too.  I learned English from movies and video games – they both don’t use grammar much.

PELA:  Why are you studying English? What are your plans after PELA?
Mohammed:   I’m studying English because it’s the most important language in the world, and I’m studying medicine, so I have to learn English.
Suelma:  Yes, it is the language of the world. I really like English, also.
Mohammed: [After PELA], I want to go back to my country and continue my medicine studies, and be a doctor.
Suelma:   I will go back to my country and restart my work, but I want to come back next year for continue my studies.

PELA:  What do you do outside of class to improve your English?  What study skills do you use?
Suelma:   I always go out to meet and try to talk to native people. I watch movies and news in English. Also, I listen a lot [to the] radio and songs in my computer with subtitles.
Mohammed:   I try to talk to people [at] the bus stops… everywhere. I spend time talking with my host family, and I try to read every sign on the streets.

PELA:  What advice do you have for students for improving their English?  What helps you to be such a good English student?
Mohammed:  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
Suelma:  Always ask if you don’t understand. Don’t be shy!
Mohammed:  Surround yourself in English.
Suelma:  Put the mobile phone in English; always come to school and participate. Also, study every day. Everything you do, try to do in English: talk, listen to music, read books, hear news, meet new people.
Mohammed:  Give yourself a long-term goal and reward yourself when you achieve each one.