Students of the Month: Mohammed and Maria

Each month, PELA teachers recognize different, outstanding students. These students daily demonstrate their hard work and dedication to learning English, actively take part in class, ask questions, and serve as a role model to other students.  Help us recognize September’s Students of the Month:  Mohammed and Maria!

PELA:  Why study English?
 I have studied English since I was in high school… I love languages.
Mohammed: I want to learn a new language.

student American USA study English school

Try to recognize things you have learned when you talk to people in the street…

PELA:  What are your plans after PELA? 
Maria: I would like to find a job in the USA, if it is possible.
Mohammed: I will complete my university studies.

PELA:  How do you feel about learning English?
It’s fun.
I like grammar. I like to understand the rules, exceptions, where are the right ways to speak or write come from… understanding the “why.”
Mohammed: The most challenging part for me is grammar.
Speaking is challenging, because it is hard to practice new vocabulary and verbs.

student American USA study English school

Just do your best!

PELA: How do you spend time practicing outside of your classes?
 I listen to the radio, I speak with people.
I do my homework, I hang out with American people, I try to read a book, a newspaper. I chat with American friends.

PELA:  What advice to you have for other new students that are coming to PELA, or current students?
Maria: Take your time after class to review the subjects, to check what you have to ask the teachers, and to fix or keep things in your mind. Try to recognize things you have learned when you talk to people in the street or when you read news, or watch TV.
Mohammed:  Just do your best.