Students of the Month: Samaih and Saleh

Each term, PELA selects two outstanding Students of the Month!  These students have demonstrated their hard work and dedication to learning English, actively taken part in class, asked questions, and served as a role model to other students.  Help us congratulate this months recipients:  Samaih and Saleh!

PELA:  Why are you studying at PELA? What will you do next?
Samaih: I am studying English because it’s one of my dreams, and English is the most commonly spoken language in the world.
Saleh:  I study English to improve language, then I hope to get a new job.
Samaih:   I want to complete my higher education and I try to improve myself.

PELA:  How do you work to improve your English?  What study skills do you use?
Saleh:   I read English books and read something on the Internet – like news articles – watch movies.
Samaih:   Watch movies, listen to music… Follow some lessons on YouTube.
Saleh:   You should study every day at least on hour.
Samaih:   I go to the public library for an hour every day [to study] reading and listening.

“Practice English language with homestay family and native speakers.”

PELA:  How long have you been studying English?
Samaih:   I have been studying English for three months.
Saleh:   I have been studying English since March, 2017.

PELA:  What classes are you favorite, and which are the most challenging?
Saleh:   My favorite English class is Integrated Skills, because [in] this class we study everything.
Samaih:   Reading is my favorite English class, because I like reading, and with reading you explore new things. Writing is my biggest challenge, but I try to correct it with time.
I think Speaking & Listening [is the most challenging].

PELA:  What advice do you have for students that struggle or have difficulties doing well in their studies?  
Samaih:  Hang out with friends – speak English only! Find American friends and talk with them.
Saleh:  Practice English language with homestay family and native speakers.
Samaih:  Read 40 minutes a day!
Saleh:  You should come to school every day!
Samaih:  Don’t give up  – believe in yourself!

“Hang out with friends and speak English… Don’t give up – believe in yourself!”