Students of the Month: Nancy and Hiro

Each month, PELA selects two outstanding students who have demonstrated their hard work and dedication to learning English, actively taken part in class, asking questions, and being a role model to other students.

Help us congratulate this months recipients:  Nancy and Hiro!

PELA: Why did you decide to study English?
Nancy: I need to use English in my job sometimes.
Hiro: I just like English!

Hiro at the Portland Night Market with classmates and teachers.

PELA: How long have you been studying? What are your plans after you finish at PELA?
Hiro: I have been studying since I was a junior high school student. But I started to practice English in earnest one year ago. After PELA, I want to join a meet-up to keep my English.
Nancy: Four months at PELA. [After I’m finished], I will continue my work.

Nancy watches the solar eclipse with classmates.

PELA: What part of learning English is the most challenging for you? What is your favorite?
Hiro: I’m bad at speaking and listening. That’s why these parts are the most challenging. And also, speaking to native speakers is challenging for me.
Nancy: Writing! My words is weak, and [my] grammar is poor, too. I like reading.
Hiro: [I like] Integrated skills. That’s a disciplined class.

Hiro: Stay hungry, stay foolish. And seize the day!

PELA: What advice do you have for other students learning English?
Nancy: I speak with my homestay family and native speakers.
Hiro: I usually speak to strangers and staff at least once in one day in order to improve.
Nancy: My advice: After class you have to review and do homework. Use online resources and speaking with native English speakers.
Hiro: Stay hungry, stay foolish. And seize the day! Experience makes you better.

Nancy at the Oregon Coast with classmates and family.