Students of the Month: Intensive English L1 Class

Most months, PELA selects two outstanding students.  For February, however…
the entire Level 1 Intensive English class was AMAZING – we couldn’t pick only two people! 

We spoke with Rio, Sabah, Ghadeer, Saleh, and Murtada about studying English, what they do to improve, and any advice they have for other students.

PELA: Have you been studying English for very long?
Rio: I have been studying English for 5 months.
Sabah: I had, too.
Murtada: 4 month for study.
Ghadeer: 3 months.
Saleh: I have been studying English for 1 year and a half.

students of the month student school class English grammar study academy Portland ESLPELA: Why are you studying English? What are your plans after PELA?
I want to go to Canada for study… for work.
Studying more… I get more [English speaking] friends…
Saleh and Rio: 
It helps us find good, real jobs…
I am studying English because I want to go to university.
Saleh and Rio: 
Yeah – join a university.

PELA: What is your favorite English class?
Ghadeer, Rio, Sabah: Listening and Speaking.
Ghadeer: It’s fun.
Sabah: I love to learn how I can speak and how I can say the words.
Rio: And grammar. It’s important.
Saleh: The grammar class.
Murtada: I don’t have any favorite. I just want to learn English.

PELA: What about English is the most challenging for you?
Murtada & Ghadeer: Grammar.
Sabah: The most challenging for me is how I can speak English fluently. And grammar!
Murtada: And to speak.
Saleh & Rio: Speaking class.

PELA: What do you do OUTSIDE of class to improve your English?
Rio: Usually, I talk with native speakers.
Saleh: Talk with native speakers.
Ghadeer: I get more friends, and I speak more… and I see [English] movies.
Murtada: Talk to my friends.
Sabah: I am always talking with my neighbors and with cashier in the supermarket… on the bus… Anywhere I can be.

PELA: Can you give your classmates at PELA some advice? How can they improve their English?
Murtada, Saleh, Sabah: Don’t be shy!
Rio: Talk with native speakers.
Sabah: Talk much with people and study much.
Rio & Saleh: Listen to [English] music, watch a lot of [English] movies, and read a lot of [English] books.
Ghadeer: I tell them: take your time in learning. Do not be afraid.