Students of the Month: David and Air

Each month, the teachers and staff at PELA nominate outstanding students as the “Students of the Month,” for their hard work and great attitudes.  Help us congratulate this month’s recipients:  David (Abdulrahim) and Air (Onthira)!

PELA:  How long have you been studying English?
David: I have been studying for two years.
Air: I have been studying [at PELA] for 4 months.

PELA: Why are you studying English?
I study English to give a chance to myself because I want to go to university in the U.S.A.
I want to complete my higher education and get a master’s degree here.

“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes… reach out to people!” David making new friends at the End-of-Term Happy Hour

PELA: What are you favorite English classes, and which are the most challenging?

Air: For me, listening is the most challenging, because people have individual speaking styles, speeds, and accents. That makes me confused all the time.
David: The most challenging? Writing – but I think nothing is hard if we practice.
Air: I love writing and grammar, because I have more time to arrange sentences and think about what I want to tell the audience.
David: Grammar and speaking are my favorite classes. Grammar helps me express my complicated ideas and speaking helps me deliver them.

“Work hard but have fun!” Air finding a candy bar at the PELA Easter Egg Hunt!PELA:  How do you suggest students practice their English outside of class? What are your strategies?
David: So many things, such as [work with] a study group, reach out to people, talk to my host family, talk to my teacher. Basically, I try to get out of my comfort zone.
Air:  I usually listen to TED talks or podcasts to improve my listening skill, and repeat it with its transcript. Every week, I will find a topic to practice writing and grammar, too.
David: My advice: Know your “why” and work towards it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – go on as challenging as you can.
Air: Work hard but have fun. You have to create your own style that you feel satisfied [with].
David:  Be patient and don’t forget to enjoy your journey.
Air: When you have fun, your English skill will improve quicker!