Students of the Month: Asim and Sabrina

Every month at PELA, two outstanding students are recognized for their hard work and dedication to learning English. These students, actively take part in class, ask questions, and serve as a role model to other students.  Help us congratulate this month’s recipients:  Asim and Sabrina!

PELA:  Why study English? What are your future plans?
Asim: I wish to [get my] Master’s after PELA.
Sabrina: I’m studying English for my job and for my future here in the U.S. – I live in Portland.

I think it’s really important to speak English – the language of the world.

PELA: What has been the most challenging for you?
The grammar part… and listening and speaking!
I think writing.

PELA: What is your favorite English class or topic?
I like a challenge, so any class that has many vocabulary I can’t understand… this will be a favorite class for me.
I like to write essays, because you can express your emotions or you can just write a story that you like.

PELA:  What are some strategies for practicing English outside of class?
Sabrina: I watch movies in English and read books or the latest news.
Asim:  I try to listen, talk, and watch movies, like TED [talks] or YouTube [in English].
Sabrina: Also, I try to talk with native speakers.

Try many ways and love what you do… I like a challenge!

PELA:  Can you give your PELA classmates some advice? What can they do to improve their English?
Sabrina: Watch movies with subtitles, read books in English…
Asim:  Try many ways and love what you do…
Sabrina: Talk with native speakers.
Asim:  Be patient.