September 2018 Students of the Month



Akemi Toshima from Japan

How long have you been studying English?
I have been studying for 4 months.

Why are you studying English? What do you want to do after PELA?
I’m studying English because I want to communicate with many people in English. After PELA, I will work in Japan, and I want to get a job which is something using English.

What is your favorite English subject? Why?
I like Integrated Skills because I like to do some English project with my classmates.

What part of learning English is the most challenging for you?
Listening and Speaking is the most challenging for me because when I lived in Japan, I rarely spake and listen to English.

What do you do OUTSIDE of class to improve your English?
Actually, I live with my real family, so It’s difficult to speak English in my house. Therefore, I tend to watch movie without Japanese subtitles, and I write a diary in English every day. Also I wanted to speak English, so I made some friends who are native English speakers and I often hang out with them.

Give your classmates some advice: How can they improve their English? What helps YOU to be such a good English student?
1. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
2. Make some friends who you can boost each other up.
3. Think positively, and sometimes you should praise yourself. It must lead to your confidence.

Why did PELA teachers choose Akemi for Student of the Month?
“Akemi is lovely! She is always hard at work and cheerful around school. She has continuously improved and is so positive and sweet to others in her class.”


Younes Al Shamimi from Saudi Arabia

Tell us about your English experience so far.
My advice to PELA students.
Enjoy your time in Portland.
It’s a beautiful city.
What do English language students want?
In my opinion, the study of English is subject to many effects such as the beauty of nature, the cleanliness of the city, the safety of the area and the friendliness of the people.
All of this is characterized by Portland.
That’s what prompted me to choose Portland between US cities.

Why did PELA teachers choose Younes for Student of the Month?
“Younes has consistently worked hard here at PELA. In class, he is happy to work with everyone and a joy to teach. He is well rounded and an excellent student.”