Talking About “Self” and “Selfies”

So many people love Selfies.  What is a Selfie?  A selfie is a photo of yourself.  It is a modern-day self-portrait.
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Where do people take Selfies?  A better question would be where DON’T they.  They take them everywhere.  They take them in bathrooms, in restaurants, in front of famous tourist attractions, out in nature, on vacations, and at events.

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What do they do with all these selfies?  They post them to social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Why do people take them and post them?  That is a more difficult question to answer.  In fact, the vocabulary for answering the question becomes more difficult too.  Oddly enough, many of the answers also have the word “self” in them.

Some people say they take selfies because they are self-centered.  Synonyms for self-centered are egotistical and narcissistic.  They love themselves too much.

Some people say they take selfies because they are self-promoting.  They think selfie posters are trying to market themselves like a product.  They post all these selfies to help with their brand-recognition.

Some people say they take selfies because they are self-indulgent.  They think everyone loves them as much as they love themselves.  They think everything they think or is important to their friends and acquaintances.

Selfie-takers might argue that, instead, they are just self-confident.  They are happy with who they are and excited by their lives.  They want to share what they are doing with their friends.

What do YOU think?  Do you take selfies?  How often?  Where do YOU post them?

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