English Vocabulary: SCARY STORIES!

Today, students at our school finished reading the story of Count Dracula by Bram Stoker. After we finished, we had fun making our own scary stories to share.

dracula-vampie-undead-spooky-english-halloween-scary-storiesIn honor of Halloween, I wanted to share some words that can go into making a good scary story and to give you some links to short, scary stories for you to read and listen to.

Many scary stories include something sharp.








Pirates are known for their hook (like Captain Hook from Peter Pan). We also have a scary story about a man with a hook instead of a hand. He comes after a couple who have parked their car on Lover’s Lane. Here is the link if you want to read it: American Folklore: The Hook


Horror stories also include scary creatures like witches or ghosts.



zombie (undead)

zombie (undead)

ghost or ghoul

ghost or ghoul

These creatures can cast spells on or chase down the living. Here is a link to a short story like that. You can listen to this story as well: American Folklore: Bloody Mary

Scary stories often take place at night or during a storm.


storm with lightning and thunder


old house with creaky stairs

graveyard with a full moon

Lightning crashes and thunder booms.

The wind howls.

It might be cloudy or foggy and hard to see.

If the stairs and floor are made of wood, they will be very creaky.

There might be a graveyard where dead (or the undead) are buried.

You probably know a few scary stories. Can you tell them in English?

Here are some links to audio recordings of scary stories:

American Folklore: Spooky Stories

Stranger in the Church

And here are some print stories:

Ten SUPER SPOOKY STORIES to Keep You Awake at Night!