That’s Punny! Playing with Words

In English, words with different meanings can sound similar.  This can make us laugh.

Well, well, well…what have we got here?

Sound jokes are called puns.  They are fun to create, and when we get (understand) a pun, we feel clever.

Sometimes, we also groan when we understand the pun.  We call those puns groaners.  They’re bad puns, but in a good way.

images (2)

Looking for puns?  Let me orange (arrange) that.  I’m a Pun King (pumpkin).

Ohhhh–that’s so bad, it hurts.  Why am I laughing?

Do you get it?


Blue” = depressed

Many cards and songs have puns in them.  Newspaper headlines do, too.

images (3)

New York with many sick people: Flu York

images (4)

Iraq = A rock
To be “between a rock and a hard place” means to be in a difficult situation.

Keep your eye out (pay attention), and you will see many puns in the headlines.  They make people laugh, and they can convey a lot of information in few words.