Portland Timbers & The English It Takes to Win!

As Pitbull sings, “It's going down, I'm yelling TIMBERS!”

Well, Pitbull is actually yelling Timber, not Timbers, but plenty of other people are yelling Timbers in Portland this week.

Portland Flag Marching

PELA students take to the streets (or parking lot, at least) to show their Portland Timbers spirit.

This is because this Sunday, the Portland Timbers play the Columbus Crew SC in the 2015 MLS Cup Final. Portland soccer fans are over the moon which means they are happy, happy, happy.

So, if you are watching the game this weekend with a group of friends at a watch party or a bar or a restaurant somewhere, here are some useful English sports idioms you can use and the point in the game at which you can use them.

  1. All the marbles: Just before the game starts tell the person next to you that this game is for all the marbles. This means that this is the final game that decides everything. This game decides the MLS Cup champion.
  1. Winner take all: Next, say that there is nothing more exciting than a winner take all match which means that the winner gets the trophy and all the glory. The loser gets nothing (but a pat on the back maybe).
  1. Have the upper hand: Because the game is being played in Columbus, Ohio, the Columbus Crew is the home team. At the beginning of the game, when the Columbus crowd is the loudest and the Crew is playing with a lot of energy because of them, you can say that Columbus has the upper hand because of the how loud their fans are cheering. Having the upper hand means having an advantage over the other team.
  1. Out of their minds: Then, all of a sudden, when the Timbers start to run extra fast and play extra hard and start playing better than they ever have in their lives, you can say they are playing out of their minds which means it is unbelievable how hard they are working and how well they are playing.
  1. Open the floodgates: Then the Timbers score a goal! Then they score another! Then they score another! You can say that they have opened the floodgates which means that the Timbers can now do something easily that was impossible to do before.
  1. Blow them away: Once the Timbers have a big lead and it looks like they are going to easily win the game, then you can say that the Timbers are blowing the other team away.
  1. Down to the wire: Perhaps, it will be a very close game.  If, in the last few minutes of the game, the score is close and either team can still win, you can say that this game is coming down to the wire. Down to the wire is actually a horse racing term used when two horses cross the finish line, or wire, at almost the same time.
  1. Moment of truth: Perhaps the game will end on penalty kicks.  When it comes down to the final kick, you can say that this is the moment of truth because this is the one kick that will decide the championship.
  1. Rise to the occasion: When the Timbers player makes that last kick (or blocks the last shot) and the Timbers win the game, then you can say that the player (or the entire Timbers team) rose to the occasion and won the game.

Portland Flag Jumping

It's going down. They are yelling TIMBERS! Will these students and staff be jumping after Sunday's game?

After the Timbers win, it is time to enjoy the sweet taste of victory, to know that the Portland Timbers have won the day, and to bask in the glory of a  championship season!

Well, let’s hope that is what happens this Sunday. Enjoy the game and Go Timbers!

PT…FC!   PT…FC!   PT…FC!