PELA’s Sweet New Home!

In English, when you are happy to arrive at your home, you can say “Home, sweet home!”

For PELA, we can now say “Home, sweet new home!”

Grand Opening Cake

PELA celebrated our official grand opening ceremony with a cake showing a map of our school.

The Portland English Language Academy (PELA) is happy to announce that we have moved to a brand new space in a great new location. We have held classes here since September 28, but we now have put the finishing touches on our new space and we are ready to tell the world.

What is better about our new space and new location?

The answer is EVERYTHING.

PELA’s space is designed to serve our students. Our student lounge has many places to meet, talk, play, and relax. Off of the computer lab is a kitchenette with sink, refrigerator, and microwave. Right next to the lounge is the computer lab with 17 computers and a printer. Also next to the student lounge are two meeting rooms in which students can meet, study, and have daily group conversation meetings with native English speakers. Another highlight of our school is the study lab. 20 study stations in a room with glass walls and natural light. In the study lab, free tutoring for all students happens four hours a day every Tues, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon. Our brand new classrooms are light, airy, and comfortable. Each classroom has a computer, projector, document camera, and sound system, but, most of all, each of our classrooms has a great teacher helping students reach their English learning goals. One person said that being inside PELA is like being on a cruise ship because our space is so fancy. The energy and excitement are high. Students are learning a lot and having fun doing it.

PELA’s new location is also fantastic. We are on the top floor of the Lloyd Center. The Lloyd Center has two floors of shopping and one floor on top for businesses, other schools, and a food court. All of it is underneath a huge glass roof. When not inside PELA’s space, our students are out in the Lloyd Center meeting people, hanging out with friends, eating, shopping, and practicing their English.


A few faces happy to be in our new space.

The Lloyd Center is in the heart of Portland’s Lloyd District. The Lloyd District is an area of Portland with many shops, restaurants, office buildings, and apartments. The Portland Trailblazers NBA basketball team plays here. PELA students get a discount at LA Fitness which is a gym right across the street from our school. There is a beautiful city park next to our building with ping pong tables, music performances, and other fun activities. The Lloyd District is a safe, clean, and fun place to be.

Transportation to and from the Lloyd District and PELA is easy. We are close to MAX trains, the Portland Street Car and many bus and bike routes. It is easy to get to and from PELA without needing a car. However, if you do have a car, we have free parking all day long right outside our door.

We are very happy with our new school and we see and hear from our students that they are very happy with the change, too. More about our school can be found here. We look forward to sharing our home, sweet new home with the world!