The Big ZERO: No, Not, and None

 No, Not, and None can be confusing!

  • No modifies a noun.  It tells you that there are zero of that noun present.
    • I have no money (zero dollars).
    • I have no friends (zero friends—poor me!).
  • Not makes a verb negative.
    • I did not know that there was no class today.
  • Not can also make a gerund or infinitive negative.
    • Not studying for the test was a big mistake!
    • I promise not to forget to study next time!
  • None is a pronoun.  It can work as a subject noun or an object noun.
    • A: Do you have any plans today?  B:  No, I have none. (I have no plans –> object)
    • A: Where are all the students?  B:  None came. (No students came. –> subject)

The chart below explains how each is used.  

Zero: No, not, none chart

I hope you have no more questions.  I hope I have not confused you.  Any questions?  None?  OK.  Bye!


Ha ha… Just kidding!  You can watch the video below to learn more: