New Year’s Eve: Party Hard, Over-Indulge, and Resolve to be BETTER

On New Year’s Eve, or December 31st, Americans typically party hard.  They stay up until dawn, counting down to the New Year and watching the ball drop in Times Square in New York (or on TV if they are not there), drinking and having a good time with their friends.


In fact, they often over-indulge, meaning they drink and eat too much.  There are many different expressions for this.  We can say they let loose, go wild, or go a little overboard. When people drink too much alcohol, we might say they get plastered, get wasted, or get smashed.  There are many less polite ways of saying this as well, but I won’t mention those here.

As a result, they wake up on January 1st feeling less than perfect.  Many, in fact, are hung over (sick from having drunk too much).


This man partied hard. He over-indulged and got plastered. Now he’s really hung over and feels awful. He is going to resolve to drink less in the new year.

This sick feeling, combined with the start of a new year, leads many people to make New Year’s resolutions.    These are vows or promises of what we hope to change in the coming year.


Typically, people want to be healthier, more generous, or achieve a long-time goal. They say things like:

My New Year’s resolution isOR I resolve

… to lose weight.

… to drink less.

… to quit smoking.

… to exercise more.

… to donate money / time to charity.

… to be nicer to people.

… to be more patient.


Studies show that most of these resolutions do not last beyond the first few weeks of the new year, but one can always hope.

What resolutions will you make for this year?  How long will you keep them?

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