What’s the Difference: Me, My, and Myself

Help! What is the difference between myself, my and me?

We use myself when we mean “with no other person’s help” or “alone.” I am the only person involved.

A: That cake looks wonderful! Where did you get it?

B: I made it myself.

A: I thought your sink was broken. Who fixed it? Did you call a plumber?

B: No. I fixed it myself.

A: You always seem so cheerful. What is your secret?

B:  Every morning, I stand in front of the mirror.  I tell myself how wonderful I am. I tell myself nice things. I give myself encouragement.

We use my to show that the noun that follows belongs to me.

I showed the airport official my passport. She looked at my picture to make sure it was my face and my document.

If someone else is involved, use the object pronoun “me.”

 Excuse me a minute. Someone is calling me.  I wonder who wants to talk with me now.

 I’m sick, but luckily, my mother is taking care of me. She is giving me medicine and comforting me.

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