March at PELA

March 2017

Spring is in the air!

Even though it came with record rainfall, we finally experienced temperatures rising. Students took a relaxing week off during Spring Break and then returned to PELA for the last week of the term to take their final exams and complete the March 2017 term. April term began on April 3rd and we have some fun events planned for this month!


Many of our partner Universities will accept PELA students who have completed our Academic English program with an average grade of B. This program prepares students to be successful at a U.S. university by showing them what the classes will be like. This includes the class atmosphere, as well as the assigned homework and class projects.

Many PELA students have gone on to graduate from U.S. Universities with excellent grades after attending this program.

This is an advanced program and students must test into a PELA level 5 or 6 in each subject in order to sign up for this class.

Volunteer Class

This month, the Volunteer Class helped plant vegetables in a community garden in Portland. Many people help with the planting and upkeep of the garden. When there are too many vegetables, the garden donates the food to local shelters and organizations. PELA Volunteers also help to cook the food and serve it to those in need.

What students are saying about PELA:

"Today, I attended the orientation. It was wonderful and I realized that PELA is organized well, and is an amazing school. Thank you very much!" 

"I have wonderful and unforgettable memories from PELA! I am really thankful for that." 



March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. and is celebrated by many all weekend long. This year, PELA students met at the Festival in downtown Portland on Sunday, March 19th to celebrate the Irish holiday.

Students were able to experience the American culture surrounding St. Patrick’s Day with traditional dancing, music, and cuisine. We brought friends and family, and even met new friends!

This was a free event for students and a very popular one! We had a large group represented at the festival on Sunday and everyone had a great time!

End of Term HAPPY HOUR!

On the last day of each term, PELA hosts a Happy Hour for students at Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant. This is a great event because current students can celebrate the end of the term and new students can join and meet new friends before their first term begins!

APRIL 2017

March rain promises a beautiful trip to the Tulip Festival on April 22nd!
PELA staff, students, and friends are invited to attend a Portland Trailblazers game on Thursday April 6th vs. Minnesota Timberwolves. GO BLAZERS!
Volunteer Class plans to return to the Albina Co-Op garden as well as volunteer at the Cinco de Mayo run.
Last day for students to pay for May term is Friday, April 28th.
End of Term Happy Hour is on Friday, April 28th at 3:00PM
New student placement exam and orientation for May term is on Thursday, April 27th at 8:45AM


March 2017 Students of the Month are Max Perez Medrano from Guatemala and Debora Bondance Rocha from Brazil. Check out our blog for advice from the students!

March 2017's Honor Roll List:

Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive a GPA of 3.75 or higher for the term.
Busarin Smithjit
Kotona Uekusa
Albert Amoros Lozano
Onthira Suthisak
Reina Munoz Roque
Hojin Yang
Abdulrahman Baerum
Kana Okada
Miseong Ko
Max Perez Medrano
Débora Bondance Rocha

Karen Seii
Gabriela Montoya Alvarez
Jiwon Kim
Siriprut Saetieo
Bander Elsafadi
Yoori Choi
Camille Loulmet
Ayana Ninoi
Nichawan Seangsiriruk
Chanutpapha Saisao
Zeyad Shara
Ting-Kai Chang
Miyu Hosokawa
You-Teng Lee
Ahreum Sean
Thaiza Farias Nogueira

Congratulations, PELA Students!