Do I Know You? What’s the difference between a stranger and a strange person?

Talk to strangers every day!”  I tell my students.  “If you want to improve your English more quickly, speak with strangers whenever and wherever you can.”

Conversation with a stranger

Often they look shocked.  “I don’t want to talk to strangers,” they say.  “I cross the street when I see a stranger.”

That’s how I know they are probably confused.

When I say “stranger,” I mean a person they don’t know, a person they haven’t met before.

They think I mean “a strange person,” someone who behaves strangely and makes them feel uncomfortable. 

If you sit next to a stranger on a bus or in a coffee shop, start a conversation.

If you sit next to a strange person, you may want to change your seat.

When you meet a stranger, practice your English.  Make small talk like “Nice weather, eh?” or “Long line, huh?”

Strange Man - Keep Portland Weird!When you see a strange person, you can take a photo for Facebook or Instagram.  For a caption, write “Keep Portland Weird.”