Just for Laughs: Fun vs. Funny

What’s the difference between fun and funny?

We use both words as adjectives.  However, a funny thing is humorous and makes us laugh, while a fun thing is enjoyable and makes us have a good time.

  • A person can be both fun and funny.

If my friend, Bob, is a funny guy, then he tells many jokes.  He says silly things that make me smile.  He is a clown.

If Bob is a fun guy, then I always have a good time when I am with him.  Time passes quickly when we are together.  He isn’t boring.

  • A movie can be fun or funny.

A comedy is a funny movie.  It makes me laugh.  An action movie can be fun if it is exciting and makes time pass quickly even if it never makes me laugh.

  • In contrast, a place is usually fun, not funny.

Disneyland is fun.  It has many rides and interesting things to do and take pictures of.  I love going there.

  • If I call a place funny, there’s probably something strange about it.

My apartment is funny.  The bathtub is in the kitchen.  When I flush the toilet, the lights go out.

  • If I say “That’s funny. I can’t find my wallet,” I mean it’s strange because I just had it a minute ago.


Take a little quiz.  After each example, decide if you need fun or funny & say why.  Choose between “haha,” “enjoyable,” or “strange.”  (Answers below)

  1. Where did Liz go? That’s ____________________.  I just saw her, but now she disappeared.


  1. That TV show is really __________________. It always makes me laugh so hard.


  1. What a ___________________ video game! I could play it 24/7.


  1. I love soccer. It’s so ________________.


  1. Gus tells such __________________ jokes. He’s a real clown.


  1. What a ____________________ car! It seems too small to hold anything.  You could never fit a family in there.


  1. That was a _______________ party. The people were friendly and the food and music were great.




(Answers:  funny: strange / funny: haha / fun: enjoyable / fun: enjoyable / funny: haha / funny: strange / fun: enjoyable)