Casual Greetings and Friendly Body Language

person girl woman waving wave casual body language EnglishA lot of communication is about making emotional connections between people rather than exchanging important information. We want people to know that we see them and like them.

For example, a person might pass you in the hallway at work or school and say “What’s up?” They aren’t expecting a long, detailed answer—just “Nothing much. What’s up with you?

Pat on arm friendly casual body language EnglishIf someone greets you with “Hey there!” all you need to do is nod and say “Hey! How’s it going?” back.

Even a simple smile and nod of the head is enough to let people know that you are friendly and open. If someone smiles at you, be sure to smile back, or you will be seen as unfriendly.


We also might pat a friend or coworker lightly on the upper arm or shoulder once or twice to express friendship, support or approval. (Be sure not to hold on! This type of contact is quick and light. You don’t want to be creepy (strange) and make the other person feel uncomfortable.)

casual body language English fist bump

People sometimes give each other a fist bump to say “Good Job” or “Hey!”

Add these gestures to your “ How’s it going?” and people will know you’re social and friendly.