Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

PELA Thanksgiving lunch

Thankful for friends at Thanksgiving.

Some have said that the two most powerful words in the English language are "Thank you".  It is good to use those two words all year long, and it never hurts to pause and think about them any time.  However, Thanksgiving is the holiday in America in which we make sure to remember all that we are thankful for. PELA asked students what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.  If you hurry, you can find  some of their answers on our Snapchat (pelaenglish).   However, we would like to share some of their answers here as well.

Family is the number one thing PELA students are thankful for.  Many students thanked their family for the support their family gives them.  Specifically, PELA students are thankful to their parents and other family members for supporting them and helping them make it possible to study in America. One student said, "I want to thank my parents and family for supporting me, especially allowing me to come here."

Many students mentioned their families back home. However, students also mentioned the family that they have found here in Portland.  These students sent thank you's to their host families.  One student said, "They are so kind and care about me so much."

The last kind of family students mentioned was the family of friends that they have made since they came to America.   One student said, "I am thankful for family, and friends that have turned into family."

PELA Thanksgiving lunch

PELA Thanksgiving lunch enjoyed by all.

Other students also said they are thankful for their friends. One student told us, "I am so thankful to have so many friends in different countries." Another student told us the reason that they are thankful for friends.  This student said, "I have made many international friends at PELA. They helped me to broaden my point of view. I am grateful for my friends."

In our survey of students, we are happy to say, many students mentioned their teachers at PELA.  One student said, "I am thankful for the all teachers at PELA."  Another student said that they are thankful for "the people around me such as family, friends, and PELA's teachers and officers. They are helpful for me!! I really appreciate it."

In general, it can be said that PELA students are thankful for all that they have.  When asked why they are thankful, three students answered "For my life, health, for everything in my life.", "For my life here in America!", and "Actually, I'm thankful for everything everyday."

In life, it is important to never take anything for granted.  This is another way of saying be thankful for everything.  A wonderful saying in English is "Tomorrow is not promised to today".  This means we can never be sure what will happen tomorrow, so be thankful for everything we have today.

With that in mind, PELA would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  We are thankful for all the interesting students that we get to teach and learn from everyday.