ARGH! What’s the Difference? FrustratED and FrustratING

As this picture shows, using a computer can be very frustrating!Woman frustrated by frustrating computer

We feel frustrated when we want to do something that we can’t.

The thing we can’t do is frustrating. We feel frustrated.

We could say:
Linda is frustrated. She is trying to do something new on her computer. It isn’t working. It is often frustrating to learn something new. Computer programs and computer directions can be frustrating.

Example #2:Drivers are frustrated by frustrating traffic

Driving is frustrating. Bad traffic is frustrating.

We feel frustrated.

We could say:
Many cities have bad traffic. Driving can take a long time. Slow traffic is frustrating. Drivers feel frustrated. They don’t want to waste time or be late.

Example #3:

Dieter frustrated by frustrating dietDieting is frustrating. Losing weight is frustrating.

We feel frustrated.

We could say:
It’s easy to gain weight because food is delicious. It’s not easy to lose weight. It takes a long time. Dieting is frustrating. You feel frustrated because you must say “no” to many delicious things, and you must exercise every day.

Try these two examples:

Man frustrated by frustrating kite

Flying a kite can be ______________________________.

This child feels _____________________________.

Frustrated boy, frustrating study

Studying can be ________________________________.

This student feels ____________________________________.