What is the Difference Between “EVEN,” “EVEN THOUGH,” and “EVEN WHEN”? (Part Two)

Even is an adverb that intensifies.  It can modify nouns or verbs.

mosquitoe-1548975_960_720A mosquito is small, but it carries diseases.  Even something as small as a mosquito can be dangerous.


This man is an adult, but he is acting silly.  Even adults act silly sometimes.

A hand full of money

This person doesn’t have much money.  He doesn’t even have enough money for a bus ticket.

Woman drinking champagne

This woman loves champagne.  She even drinks it for breakfast.

 Even though is followed by a (S+ V) and makes a dependent clause.  It shows a surprising opposition.

mosquitoe-1548975_960_720Even though I put on mosquito repellent, a mosquito bit me.  (Really?  That’s surprising.)


Even though his boss was looking at him, he still acted foolishly.  (Really?  Didn’t he worry about looking stupid?)

Woman drinking champagne

She had a lot to drink even though she had to drive home.  (Really?  I’m shocked!  That’s dangerous!)

A hand full of moneyEven if also makes a dependent clause.  It is used to show conditions.  It uses unreal present and past conditional patterns.

Even if I were rich, I might not be happy.  (I’m not rich.  I’m just imagining.)

Even if I had all the money in the world, it would be meaningless without good health and close friends.  (I don’t have all the money in the world.  I’m imagining.)

I wouldn’t buy a sports car even if I could because I don’t care very much about what kind of car I drive.  (I can’t afford a sports car.  I’m just imagining.)

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Here are some sentences to practice.  The answers are below:

  1. I’m 18, but ______________________ I were over 21, I wouldn’t drink because I don’t like the taste of alcohol.
  1. I never use my phone while I’m driving. I don’t ______________ use GPS.  I think it’s too dangerous.
  1. This soup isn’t spicy. _______________ a child could eat it!  Why are you complaining?
  1. _________________________ my friend offered to let me copy her homework paper, I said no because I wanted to do the work myself.
  1. I wouldn’t move to New York ______________________ someone gave me a free apartment. I don’t like big cities.
  1. I didn’t take an umbrella with me today __________________________ it is raining. I don’t like to carry them because I always forget them.
  1. I’m broke. I don’t ____________________ have ten dollars.
  1. This app is so easy to use that _________________ my grandma can use it.
  1. It’s hard to find a job in my country. ____________________ I spoke English perfectly when I returned, I still might not find one because many people can speak English these days.  There is a lot of competition.
  1. ___________________________ I’m late, I’m not going to run. I don’t like to get sweaty.  I don’t like to rush.  I’ll just be a little late.  It’s no big deal.

(even if / even / even / even though / even if / even though / even / even / even f / even though)