Test Your English Level and Make it Better!

A good test of your English level:  How many ways can you express the same idea? 

c57e438ab079d45d5231e8ee6ee3f7bdIf I asked, “What is Yoda trying to say in this picture?” You could answer:  “Yoda is telling us that it is important to learn to speak English,” or “Yoda thinks learning English is a good idea,” or “Yoda wants us all to become English speakers,” or “Yoda thinks English is a necessary skill.”

If you can come up with many alternatives easily, your English level is high.

This skill is called paraphrasing or restating.

In order to do this well, first, you must increase your vocabulary.

Learn 10 different adjectives for “good“:

excellent, superb, delicious, skillful, talented, diligent, successful, memorable, awesome, amazing (and so on).

Learn 10 different verbs for “improve“:

get better, increase, grow, master, refine, enhance, boost, upgrade, exceed , beat.

Next, play around with how your sentence is structured.

  • English is important.  (Here English is the subject.)
  • It is important to learn English. (Here English is part of the Subject Complement.)
  • People need to master English. (Here English is the Object.)

Each time, the grammar changed, but not the content.

writing-1209700_960_720Now you try.  How many ways can you say the simple sentences below? (Possible answers follow…)

  1. Weekends relax me.
  2. I know junk food is bad for me, but I love it.
  3. Maybe it will rain later.

Possible answers:

  1. Weekends help me get rid of stress.  I feel calmer on the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday are less stressful than weekdays.
  2. Even though snack food isn’t good for me, I like it a lot.  Junk food isn’t healthy, but I really like it.  Sweets and chips aren’t good for my body, but I’m crazy about them.
  3. It might rain later.  Rain is possible later.  In a little while, it could rain,

Notice how most of the answers below are a little longer than the original.  That happens in a paraphrase.  Don’t worry as long as the meaning stays the same.