Don’t forget that “S”!

s-plural-verb-agreementIf I had a dollar for every time my students forget to put an “s” on a singular present verb in the third person, I would be rich!

Let’s take a look at places where this “s” goes.

It follows a singular subject.

It might be a singular pronoun like he, she, or it. It is nice out today. She looks strong.
It might follow a proper noun like Ray or Laura. Ray has his own business.

Laura programs computers.

It might follow a general noun like a message or a snack. A message makes people feel happy.

A snack gives them energy.

It might follow a gerund subject like

cooking or hiking.

Cooking well takes skill.

Hiking with friends gets us outside into nature.

It might follow a relative pronoun in an adjective clause that describes a singular subject. An eraser is a tool that helps students fix mistakes.

Lyft is a service that takes people where they want to go like a taxi.

Don’t forget to make the helping verb singular as well when making a question.

Does your friend like to dance?

Does this bus go downtown?

Does exercising really help keep you fit?

I hope this helps (although I will be sad about not collecting all those dollars!)