Coasting or Taking It Easy

 Sometimes we work hard. We make an effort. We strive. We try to progress.

 At other times, (as when going downhill on a bike), we coast. We don’t pedal. We don’t make an effort. We let our earlier momentum carry us.

Here are some  examples of coasting:

  • Sometimes we coast in a class. We give the easy answers. We don’t try very hard. If we are working on a group project, we let our partners do most of the work.

  • Sometimes we coast in a relationship. We don’t try to make it any deeper or more serious. We don’t look at or try to fix whatever problems exist.


  • Sometimes we coast at work. We don’t seek out new projects. We don’t come early or stay late. We do what is expected of us, but nothing more.

In movies, we might hear one character say to the other: “Hey, stop coasting!” or “When are you going to stop coasting?” In these cases, the word is used in a negative way. The person is asking when the other will stop being lazy.

Sometimes, of course, we might want to coast. Perhaps in the university we are taking many hard classes, and just want one easy one that won’t take up too much time or mental energy. We might tell our friends, “I took that class so I could coast.”

Here is a meme to caution us before we start coasting.

 It’s warning us that time is precious. We only live once. We have to be careful not to coast through life.