The Weather is Getting to Me

All of us get sick of the weather at one time or another.


Here are some ways to talk about that “Not again!” feeling.

When we say (…) is getting to me, we mean that we are tired of it.  We wish it would stop or go away.

The cold is getting to me.  The heat is getting to me.  The humidity is getting to me.  The rain is getting to me.

We can also say “(…) is getting me down,” which means (…) is depressing me.

rainy-day-1246288_960_720 When it rains hard, we complain: “It’s pouring out. Let’s not go out until it lets up (stops raining so hard) or we’ll get soaked (totally wet).”

Maybe your car got sopping wet (totally wet) inside because someone left the window down.

leaking-roof Maybe your stuff got wrecked because your roof leaked.

caravan-339564_960_720 We also complain when it’s too hot.  We say, “Man!  It’s boiling out (super hot)!  I’m burning up!  I know I’m going to get a sun burn because I forgot to put on sunscreen.  In fact, I feel like I’m going to get heat stroke!”  I’ve got to find some shade to get out of the sun–or better yet, go inside where it’s air conditioned.”

mosquitoe-1548975_960_720 Sometimes it’s both hot and wet.  We call that humid.  When it’s humid, it gets buggy out.  There are lots of flies and mosquitoes.  We feel sweaty and sticky.  People reach for the bug spray or use mosquito nets.

PELA’s blog already spoke about snow and ice (follow this link to read more:      )

The worst thing that you can do when the weather is getting to you is to stay inside.  If you stay inside too long, you’ll end up with cabin fever or go stir crazy.

cabin-1839713_960_720 This tiny house is called a cabin.

A cabin is a beautiful place to relax for a day or two, but most people would get bored if they had to spend too much time in such a tiny space.  In fact, they would go stir crazy–crazy from not stirring (moving) outside of their house or apartment.  Don’t let this happen to you.

No matter what the weather is like, go out.  Just do what it takes to stay comfortable–wear the proper clothing, use an umbrella, wear sunscreen, etc.  Good Luck!