Talking about Anticipation and Letdown

anticipation excitement counting the days calendar idiom English ESL let downSome events we anticipate. We look forward to them and are eager for them to occur.

We use the idiom count down the days, as in “I am counting down the days until I leave for vacation.”

Graduation is like this.   So is marriage.

Often these big happy events allow us to complete a rite of passage or mark some milestone.

anticipation excitement counting the days Disney mickey mouse idiom English ESL let down

Or, perhaps the event is fun and exciting. We hope it will change us for the better, adding to our life-experience.

And when the event is as good as we hoped, we can say it lived up to our expectations. We thought it would be great, and it was.

Sometimes, though, sadly, these events disappoint us. They let us down.

Maybe you don’t get a medal in the Olympics, no one comes to your party, it rains the day of your picnic, the lines in Disneyland are too long.

anticipation excitement counting the days car automobile accident collision idiom English ESL letdown These days don’t live up to our expectations. We have to accept that sometimes life is like that. It is a given that we won’t get everything we want. We have to move on.

How can we do that?

  • We can share our disappointment with a friend.
  • Our friend will probably try to cheer us up.
  • We can laugh at our troubles.
  • We can make a new plan.


Do you have a special technique that you use to get over disappointments?)