We All Agree Not to Say “I Am Agree”

Agree to disagree

Two very common student errors are to use agreedisagree and appreciate as adjectives.  They are NOT adjectives; they are verbs.

Thus, on a survey, I would ask:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “English is an important language.

You would answer:

I agree.      OR       I disagree.

If you want to give a longer answer, you can say: “I agree that English is an important language.”

You can NOT say “I am agree” because we don’t put two verbs next to each other in this way.

Similarly, appreciate is a verb.  If you want to thank someone for his or her help, you say: “Thanks!  I appreciate it.”

We appreciate your business

You can also put an object after this verb.  You can add:

Thanks!  I appreciate your help.  I appreciate your time.  I appreciate your kindness.”

We can NOT say: “I am appreciate it” because we don’t put two verbs together in this way.

So now, to me, you can say: “Thanks for this lesson.  I appreciate your grammar blog.  I agree that it is very helpful.”