English Help: Adverbs that Intensify

Adverbs and adverbials do a lot of work in English.  They can tell you:

how often     never, sometimes, usually, often, always, daily, yearly, weekly

how     quickly, slowly, softly, nicely, well

where     outside, inside, upstairs, downstairs, up front, out back

when     in the morning, at night, on the weekend, early, late

Bird & SunsetAdverbs and adverbials can also intensify adjectives and other adverbs.  “Intensify” means “make stronger, bigger, more.”

I can write, “The sunset is pretty,” but that sentence doesn’t convey just HOW pretty it is.

If I want to emphasize its prettiness, I would say:

This is a very beautiful sunset.

The colors are extremely vivid.

It’s exceptionally lovely.

I’m amazed that the bird sat so still.

If I run to the car really quickly, I can get my camera and take a wonderful picture.

If I frame the picture incredibly skillfully, many people will comment on it on Facebook.

There are many intensifiers.  Some of the most common are:

so         very         really         extremely         unbelievably
quite         exceptionally         amazingly         terrifically
astoundingly         astonishingly         incredibly         vastly

Here’s another example:

Mountain RangeThese mountains are incredibly beautiful.

They are quite rugged.

To climb them, you must be exceptionally brave and fit.

You also have to climb very carefully so that you don’t die.

Use the intensifiers above to help you speak English astonishingly well.


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