What’s the upside? Advantages & Disadvantages

Today, we’re going to revisit decision-making and focus on the language we use to evaluate choices.Upside advantages disadvantages scale idiom


First, we can look at the positives and the negatives of something.

The positives of studying English in the U.S. are that native-speakers are all around you. You can use English every day. It’s easier to immerse yourself in the language.

The negatives of studying abroad are that it’s easy to become homesick and miss your friends and family. It’s often more expensive. The food and customs are different, which can be stressful.


We can also talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of something.

The advantages of being married are that you get to throw a huge party, you have a life-time companion, and you get a tax break.

The disadvantages of being married are that you may lose some of your freedom and independence. You can’t always control what music you listen to or what movies you watch. You have to negotiate who will do the chores and errands.


We can talk about the benefits and the drawbacks of something.

The benefits of using a car is that you can go places whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for the bus or train to come. Your car is never too crowded to sit in.

The drawbacks are that you must pay for insurance, upkeep, and parking.


We can talk about the upside and the downside of something.

The upside of being on social media is that you can keep in touch with your friends.

The downside is that you can more easily feel jealous of all the cool things that everyone else is doing.

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Upside advantages disadvantages decision idiomThe next time you have a choice to make, don’t forget to try out your new vocabulary!