Kevin CarterLynn has a Masters in English (with an emphasis in TESOL) from the California State University in Stanislau.

She joined PELA in 2015.

Why did you become a teacher? "I love teaching, and can’t imagine doing anything else. I especially love being with international students. They bring the world to me! I’ve been teaching ESL since 1997."

What experience do you have learning a foreign language or living in a foreign culture? "When I was 22, I lived for a year in Vienna, Austria. I had been studying German for several years, and this gave me the chance to use German in my daily life. It was great, and my German improved. In 2010, my family and I moved to Panama for two and a half years. I did not formally learn Spanish, but I was able to learn some conversational Spanish, and I learned so much about the Panamanian culture. I still have excellent friends there."

How has your international experience helped your teaching? "I have a lot of sympathy for people learning a new language. I understand that some aspects of learning come easier than others. For example, I have difficulty hearing a language, but am able to read and write more easily. I know that the more we interact with people who speak the target language, the faster we will learn."

What do you do when you are away from school and why do you like Portland? "I love spending time with my family, and I am an avid reader. I love Portland because I think it is absolutely beautiful here. I love the weather (yes!) and the people, and hope to be here for a long time."

Why do you recommend PELA to students? "PELA is a school that totally cares about each student. We want our students to be successful in meeting their English-language goals. If students want to learn in order to travel, to attend an English-language university, to work in an international community, or to enrich their lives, we are excited about helping our students reach their goal."

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