Luke Jenkins

Jeff luke eric lynnLuke Jenkins is an International Student Advisor at PELA.

Luke has traveled around the world living and working with many different people as a United States Marine.

He has been at PELA since 2013.

Why did you join PELA? "I enjoy the collaborative process of helping someone achieve a goal. It enriches the lives of both the student and the teacher."

What experience do you have learning a foreign language or living in a foreign culture? "I have been around the world working with and teaching many different kinds of people. I used the skills I had acquired through training and experience to make them more proficient at their occupations."

How has your international experience helped you at work? "My international experience has taught me that the world is full of individuals. So many people forget that despite differences in politics, religion, and culture, people have far more in common than not. I would much rather meet a person and learn from them instead of making assumptions."

What do you do when you are away from school? "I try to get a little of everything Portland has to offer. I spend time with my dog Dakota and the many friends I’ve made here in Portland."

Why do you like Portland? "Portland is a unusual and diverse place. The only thing that is not tolerated in this town is intolerance. There is a quiet dignity for a place that rewards the unique and respects the right of all people to explore who they are."

Why do you recommend our school to students? "You can find larger schools in Portland. You can find school with the budgets of a medium-sized Eastern European country. You will not find a school with our level of personal service. Both the staff and teachers believe that learning is a collaborative venture. Speaking for myself, I truly love the opportunity to make friends with people I would never have met is my day to day life. I think that sentiment is echoed by the rest of the PELA staff."

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