Hailey Fliegelman

estelleHailey has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Foreign Language Education from the University of South Florida.

She has been at PELA since 2017.

Why did you become a teacher? "In 2013, I traveled to Tanzania to volunteer as an English teacher. I had never taught English before, but I was deeply inspired by the dedication of the students I met. I saw how an English education could change someone's life and wanted to be a part of giving that opportunity to someone."

What experience do you have learning a foreign language or living in a foreign culture? "I have traveled to over 30 countries and have spent time living in Australia, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Thailand. I have also studied French and Thai, so I can definitely relate to what students are experiencing here."

How has your international experience helped your teaching? "“Living and teaching in other countries has really deepened my love for culture, language, and people. These experiences inspire me to continue improving my own skills as a teacher so I can offer my students the best possible education."

What do you do when you are away from school? "I love to play music, read, paint, do yoga, and explore. Away from school, you can usually find me hiking in the mountains, swimming in a river, or playing with dogs."

Why do you like Portland? "I love the nature the Pacific Northwest has to offer. In one hour, you can get to the ocean, the mountains, and the dessert. I also enjoy the good beer and coffee!"

Why do you recommend our school to students? "The teachers and staff at PELA are all very experienced and dedicated to helping students both inside and outside the classroom. PELA is more than a school, it's a family."

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