Dianne Barrett

Dianne BarrettDianne has a B.S. in Behavioral Sciences from Linfield College and an RSA Cambridge Certified Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) and has taught English since 1996.

She has been at PELA since 2005.

Why did you become a teacher? "Having been exposed to many cultures and languages while traveling, I became interested in being involved in communication and bridging the gaps between cultures. I really enjoy interacting with students and aiding them in cultivating their skills."

What experience do you have learning a foreign language or living in a foreign culture? "I spent a total of eight years living and traveling abroad in Australia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Europe. In every country I traveled in, I did my best to learn some of the language and to experience the culture. I spent the majority of my time in Indonesia as a volunteer English instructor. I spent over three years in Japan as an English instructor where I studied Japanese in my free time."

How has your international experience helped your teaching? "The experience I gained by traveling, living and working abroad helps me to be a better teacher. By being a student or by living in a different culture other than my own, I fully experienced what it is to be a language learner and I have developed and applied teaching techniques that I found useful to my own learning."

What do you do when you are away from school? "eading, writing, travel, cultural studies, child development, swimming, hiking, yoga, design and crafts."

Why do you like Portland? "I love Portland. Out of all the places my family and I have lived and visited we chose to live here because of the quality of life. Portland has many interesting neighborhoods and many choices. There are parks, theaters, cafes, galleries; the city life with the great outdoors just a short trip away."

Why do you recommend our school to students? "The variety and uniqueness of the programs, the commitment and support of the staff and the central location are all reasons why I think this school is the best choice for anyone wanting to study English."

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