D’Arcy Owen, Director

D'Arcy OwenD'Arcy is the director of Portland English Language Academy.

He has a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and has taught English since 1995.

He has been at PELA since 2003.

Why did you become a teacher? "I love the energy in a classroom full of study abroad students. I have visited many countries and everyone was always very helpful and friendly. I want to be the same for people visiting my country."

What experience do you have learning a foreign language or living in a foreign culture? "I lived in Japan for 3 years. I studied abroad in Australia, too. I have traveled around Europe and Africa. I studied Japanese while I lived in Japan."

How has your international experience helped your teaching? "Learning a language can be a challenge, but it can be really, really fun, too. If you keep the lessons interesting, students will want to study hard and they will learn quickly."

What do you do when you are away from school? "I enjoy biking and playing volleyball, and spending time with my family. Right now am learning to play guitar, too."

Why do you like Portland? "Portland really is a great city. It is so easy to take the bus and bicycle here that you don’t need a car. It does not feel like a big city but it has all the big city activities. You can go skiing during the day and come back and watch an NBA game at night."

Why do you recommend our school to students? "Our school is best. Our students love our teachers. Our students love our unique programs. Our students love our location. Our students love the low tuition. You receive a lot of personal attention at our school. My office is always open. If you ever need any help, all you have to do is ask."

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