Kevin CarterAnna has a B.F.A. in Theater Arts - Design from the Southern Oregon University, and Master in Teaching from Lewis & Clark College, as well as a Masters in Teaching (TESL) from Universidad Interamericana.

She joined PELA in 2015.

Why did you become a teacher? "I like working with people to learn new things, and teaching is so collaborative! When I see people finally understand something or make a connection - that’s the best part."

What experience do you have learning a foreign language or living in a foreign culture? "I lived in Japan a couple times, as both a student in the suburbs and a teacher in the countryside. More recently, I attended graduate school and taught in Puerto Rico (not a foreign country, but certainly a different culture)."

How has your international experience helped your teaching? "Learning another language can be so difficult! It helps me understand what simple things students might need help with that a native speaker (or native Oregonian) might take for granted: where to see live music or eat good food, cultural expectations specific to Portland, finding fun events around town… things like that are tricky when you aren’t as familiar with the language and culture."

What do you do when you are away from school? "I love camping, going dancing, and riding my bike around town. Also, we have some of the best movie theaters, with beer and pizza… I see movies all the time."

Why do you like Portland? "It’s a small city - I see people I know on the street every day - but there’s so much to do: live music every night, amazing food and drinks, art, international culture. Also, the National Forest is about an hour away!"

Why do you recommend PELA to students? "It’s so much fun! Students really enjoy mixing with each other, and helping each other learn English. We have activities all over the city and take trips to the mountains or the coast. I love it here!"

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