Use your English in the real world by participating in local activities such as festivals, sporting events, or charity work. Work side-by-side with Americans and experience Portland culture every week!


Benefits of the Volunteering Class

  • Gain confidence speaking English with Americans outside of school.
  • Experience American lifestyles and daily culture.
  • Prepare yourself to use English in a work, school or social environment.

3-5 hours of activities per week

  • 2-4 Hours of Volunteering/Cultural Events in Portland
  • 1 Hour of Volunteering & Culture Class

Since many volunteer events occur outside normal school hours, some volunteer activities may be held on evenings or weekends.

To VOLUNTEER in the French American International School and help people to learn Spanish was fun. I felt very comfortable because I could learn and practice English at the same time I could teach them about Spanish.
- Rebeca, Costa Rica- Rebeca, Costa Rica

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