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Akiko, Japan
Akiko, Japan
I enjoyed PRONUNCIATION classes because our teacher taught us real American pronunciation and many useful phrases. It's so good for my speaking ability and also listening ability.
Javier, Spain
Javier, Spain
When I lived in PORTLAND, I could hunt, fish and do other natural activities. I loved the people, the restaurants, Thanksgiving, and NBA games–the last game was amazing! I wish I had more time to visit all the natural places near Portland.
Hirotaka, Japan
Hirotaka, Japan
My HOST MOTHER was always kind and cared about me. She took me many places and spoke with me a lot. I was very satisfied and lived comfortably with my host family.
Juliana, Colombia
Juliana, Colombia
The strengths of PELA are many. All the time the teachers in PELA are trying to help us to improve our English. If they heard us saying something wrong they correct us. Every day we are learning something new. It is not easy to learn a new language, but if you want and you have people around you, helping you, you can do it!

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