Use your English in the real world by participating in local activities such as festivals, sporting events, or charity work. Work side-by-side with Americans and experience Portland culture every week!


Benefits of the Volunteering Class

  • Gain confidence speaking English with Americans outside of school.
  • Experience American lifestyles and daily culture.
  • Prepare yourself to use English in a work, school or social environment.

3-5 hours of activities per week

  • 2-4 Hours of Volunteering/Cultural Events in Portland
  • 1 Hour of Volunteering & Culture Class

Since many volunteer events occur outside normal school hours, some volunteer activities may be held on evenings or weekends.

Since I came here, I’ve experienced many kinds of VOLUNTEERING. All are great memories. I really appreciate the school staff’s kindness.
Kenichi, JapanKenichi, Japan

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