You must find the sound that comes in front of the -ed ending to understand the correct pronunciation!

In English, we have “regular” and “irregular” verbs. For simple past, we add “-ed” to the end of regular verbs.
For example:

  • “ask” → “asked
    • ​I ask questions in class every day. / I asked a lot of questions yesterday.
  • “open” → “opened
    • ​Please open the door. / We opened the door after class.
  • “add” → “added
    • ​Let’s study next week. / I studied until 3PM last night.

All regular past tense verbs all have the same “-ed” ending. However,  there are three different ways to pronounce the “-ed.
Click on the button to hear each word:

  • /t/, as in asked 
  • /d/, as in opened 
  • /ɪd/, as in added